Our Story

Our Story

Who we are

Brooklyn: the great cliché of New York City, the suburb of Burning Man, the borough of rooftop apiaries and sweater-wearing trees, home to all that is artisanal, grass-fed and gentrified.

Founded by a group of Brooklyn-based watch enthusiasts and highly experienced watch retailers, the Brooklyn Watch Company was born with the passion of true American patriotism. Brooklyn Watches were designed with the discriminating man in mind, with the intent of complementing this modern man's big and bold lifestyle. Drawing from the cues, aesthetics and styles of the world's greatest city and loudest borough, Brooklyn Watch Company is the newest player in the world of fashionable timepieces. Starting with the grandiosity the American culture is known for, Brooklyn Watches offer a number of desirable features, from the diversity of freedom of expression, to endless creativity that caters to our up and coming Hip and Urban neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

We combined timeless techniques with modern craftsmanship to heighten every experience and enhance every escapade. The watches are constructed with superb quality, from 316L Stainless Steel cases and bracelets, Sapphire crystals, Swiss movements as well as incredible attention to details expressing Brooklyn’s true DNA.

Where are you located

We are located in the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

BKLYN Army Terminal was a project begun by the federal government in March of 1918 to serve as a military depot and supply base. The massive four million square-foot complex was completed in September of 1919, built in just 17 months. This feat is impressive even by today’s standards, especially given the massive facility’s size.

BKLYN Army Terminal’s utilitarian design was highly innovative for its time. The complex was constructed of girder-less, steel reinforced concrete slabs and included 96 centrally controlled push-button elevators, the largest elevator installation of its time.

The entire complex was interconnected, with three bridges on the third floor linking the two main building structures. The larger of the two buildings featured a huge skylight-enclosed atrium, and the smaller building was joined to the atrium by three covered piers.

WWII And Elvis

BKLYN Army Terminal was most heavily trafficked during WWII, during which more than 20,000 military and civilian personnel were employed there.  The Terminal was the headquarters and nerve center for the New York Port of Embarkation, a region-wide operation covering more than a dozen facilities that moved 3.2 million troops and 37 million tons of military supplies to fronts across the globe. Arguably the most famous soldier to deploy from BKLYN Army Terminal was Elvis Presley. He greeted fans and a dozens of photojournalists in September of 1958 when he shipped off from Brooklyn to Germany.

From Military To Manufacturing

The BKLYN Army Terminal remained active through the early 1970s with both military and civilian tenants. New York City purchased BKLYN Army Terminal from the federal government in 1981 with the intention of repurposing the structure for manufacturing and industrial use.

New York City Economic Development Corporation now manages the BKLYN Army Terminal complex and has carried out a phased renovation plan that began in 1984.  Today, over three million square feet of space has been renovated for use by a diverse mix of businesses.


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